Corporate Brick Donor Opportunity

  1. Bridge at entry (Metal plate with engraved name) two sides ($50,000)

  2. Signage (Metal wall with engraved donor names) ($30,000)

  3. Signage (Metal plate at the bottom of entry and exit points with engraved donor names) ($10,000)

  4. Top of the control unit (Metal covering plate with engraved donor names) ($10,000)

  5. Signage can be placed at points of the compass around the entire memorial. ($5,000)

Individual Brick Donor Opportunity

  1. Inside of water feature and outside (bricks)($100)

  2. (Seating on the water feature walls 12X18 inches; ($200)

  3. Walkway around the Memorial (bricks)( $100 ) 

  4. Granite 20 feet on each side of entry 1ft by 1ft ($500) (granite at entry not depicted in this artist concept)

  5. Side of center equipment bay (bricks)  ($100 each)

Click here to view the memorial for the Corporate Brick Donor Opportunity

Click here to view the memorial for the Individual Brick Donor Opportunity