We're part of the Alabama African American Bicentennial Initiative dedicated to celebrating 200 years of African Americans' impact on Alabama. Our specific focus is the Huntsville-Madison County region.

We're hononring African Americans - past and present - whose contributions have helped our region develop and grow in  agriculture, the  arts, business, education, the military,  religion, science, technology, and more. 

We're committed to sharing the stories of Huntsville residents who've made their mark both inside and outside of our region.

 We're also sharing our cultural flavor by inviting Huntsville-Madison County residents to experience some of our traditions and practices.


William Hampton, Chair

Ollye B. Conley, Vice Chair

Arley McCormack, Vice Chair 

Willie Boyd; Bernice Burnet , Niki Butler; Burnell Clemons, Carla Clift, Patrice T. Conwell; Patricia Ford, Barbara Johnson, Rodney Milton, Dianne Reynolds, Kem Roper, Wilma Ruffin, Elizabeth Smith; Krishna Srikakolapu, Adrianne P.K. Washington